What questions you should ask before enrolling in any scuba program

  • What is their all-inclusive price of the program

  • If not all-inclusive, what other fees are involved

    • Certification fee

    • Equipment rental fee

    • Book/eLearning cost

  • How many people are usually in a class

  • How many people required to run the class

  • What day(s) do you start classes

    • Do they start classes everyday of the week

  • What Day(s) are ocean dives available

    • Do they run ocean dives everyday of the week

  • Will I need to buy or rent any equipment

    • Such as mask, snorkel, fins, boots and gloves

  • How do I get started

    • Do I need to come into the store to enroll

    • Can I contact the instructor during off hours if I have questions

  • Where are the class and pool sessions held

    • Public swimming pool or does the store have it's own pool

  • Will I need to come by the store to pick up and return the equipment for the pool or ocean dives

  • If I require additional pool time what will be the extra cost

  • If I cancel and need to reschedule what will be the cost

  • Is this a PADI Open Water Diver Course

We are your only "All-Inclusive" program" in San Diego

Text or call us today for the current price (619)850-5752

We can be reached by text anytime

We offer the PADI Open Water Diver Course



Follow these simple steps to begin your adventure with us today!

Sign up for the course with San Diego Scuba Center by Stopping by the store, emailing or just Call or Text us (619)850-5752 anytime day or night, ask all the above questions.

You may sign up in person or simple text a request for invoice via email and save the time and gas.



Complete the "PADI eLearning" program before the start date of your course which when course is paid for will be available to begin Day or Night. Be sure to read material, watch videos and complete all knowledge reviews, quizzes and the final exam prior to the first day of class and pool. Print out the certificate of completion and bring with you


You must print, review, fill in and sign all the forms below with the following information. Please completely review and bring to class signed and dated :Please contact us if you have any questions. 


Participants name:

Your Name


San Diego Scuba Center


Jesse L Dean Jr et. al.


Forms to print: Must be completed prior to start date, please read and follow instructions on the medical form. Please get copies of completed forms to us before the start date.




Our Store Location:

Pirate's Cove Bonita

4101 Sweetwater Road

Bonita, California 91902



Schedule your 2 day Class/Pool Sessions



12:00pm(noon)-4:00pm any day of the week(Monday-Sunday)



Pirate's Cove Bonita

4101 Sweetwater Road

Bonita, California 91902


What to Bring:



any personal equipment you may have

Completed forms from above

Medical signed by doctor if so required, call if you have questions about the medical.

Please have a good Breakfast and bring any snacks you may need for the day.



Schedule your 2 days of Ocean Dives


6:00am-10:30am any day of the week(Monday-Sunday)



La Jolla Shores,  Kellog Park

2100 Vallecitos

La Jolla California 92037


What to Bring:



any personal equipment you may have

Refund Policy:

Refunds are based on case by case

If eLearning has been redeemed then $185.00 is Non-Refundable

75.00 deducted for equipment rental (25.00 for pool 25.00 per day for ocean)

If Pool has been completed 1/2 of the program balance will not 

     be refundable

Dives are Refundable by the day, so if one day completed 1/4 of

     the balance is refundable.

Please contact Jesse for refund breakdown.