The Best Thing
is That


Taking a
Refresher Course

Await you!

Has never been
so easy

A new twist on a refresher course!


Don't just take a refresher course take and Adventure Course!

 Haven’t been diving lately and don't just want a quick scuba refresher? Whatever agency you received your basic training with join us on an adventure to your recertification.


First: Complete the PADI Reactivate or refresher Course Program(if you hold another agencies card).


Second: Attend a pool refresher skills circuit, and remember what diving is all about.


Third: You have 2 options for open water

1st option is a  single ocean dive for fun!


2nd option take the advanced open water course and further your experience while returning to diving



Part 1 complete online ReActivate

$59.00 new C card provided


Part 2 complete Pool refresher

$99.00 all gear provided


Part 3 option 1 to complete an ocean dive(optional for reactivate)

$79.00 all gear provided


Part 3 option 2 complete 5 dives;

Peak Performance Buoyancy

U/W Naturalist

U/W Navigation

Night Dive

Deep Dive

$199.00 all gear provided


Clink on link below to begin the program


or call for specific details on the options

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